Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is a important business that helps the environment massively. All scrap metal can be recycled which is why we BUY both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. With our scrap metal collection service, we endeavour to make everything as hassle free as possible for you.

enviro-metals Lancaster Ltd operate within an industry that is currently worth over £5.6 billion. As part of the metal recycling industry, we are proud to contribute to the on-going government and global initiative to reduce the amount of waste materials going to landfills and reduce carbon emissions, by recycling and reusing scrap metal.

Environmentally Friendly Scrap Recycling Service

Scrap metal Recycling is our expertise here at Enviro metals and we understand how important it is to care about the environment. We BUY ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all grades. With our experienced team on site, we endeavour to recycle as much scrap metal as possible by using a wide range of recycling solutions.

Our scrap metal recycling service not only protects the environment, but it saves energy too. Recycling scrap metal means that natural resources need not be used to make new metal compounds, such as iron ore and alumina. Also, using recycled metal reduces CO2 emissions. For this reason, scrap metal recycling will benefit everyone by leaving natural resources alone.

Our team at enviro-metals is passionate about what we do. Scrap metal recycling is our expertise so you can be sure that it will be done professionally and efficiently.

For enquiries and to find out more about our scrap metal recycling services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We Are A Member of The British Metals Recycling Association