We Buy Scrap Cars!

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Collection of your scrap car can be arranged. Please Call 01524 845013

We also buy catalytic converters prices on Assay.

Sell Your Scrap Car

If a car is no longer useful, it needs to be scrapped by an authorised treatment facility. We have an authorised scrap yard that is licensed by Lancaster City Council.

Why Should You Scrap Your Car?

If your car is beyond repair and you feel there is no use for it, scrapping your vehicle could be a practical option. At Enviro metals, we can collect your vehicle if it will drive or not ,We will scrap your car and will recycle all materials that can be recycled, allowing you to do your own bit for the environment. So if this is something that you think would benefit you, contact us today!

Why Choose Enviro metals?

Here at Enviro metals, we pride ourselves on providing excellent recycling options for all sorts of metals. Recycling vehicles is not only cost effective but it also helps the environment. If you need your car to be scrapped you can be sure to receive the best service and price for your vehicle. So contact us today on 01524 845013 for more information.